Hello, I'm Arvind Sangwan a software developer.

I'm a software engineer based in India specializing in building (and occasionally designing) exceptional websites, applications, and everything in between. Currently, I'm focused on crafting some awesome projects and learning new technologies.

Arvind Sangwan
Tech Stack

I have experience with the following technologies:

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About me

I am Arvind, an adept professional with a career spanning since 2019, marked by the successful completion of over 25+ projects. Proficient in crafting websites, applications, and a diverse range of digital solutions, my expertise extends across the spectrum of software development. Beyond my practical experience, I hold a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering, underscoring my commitment to continual skill enhancement and knowledge acquisition in this dynamic field. I am poised to assist you in bringing your visionary projects to fruition.

Special cake for my birthday from the Mohesu team.
Me standing in front of a mirror in full conference attire.
My super cool setup with two monitors and a laptop.
Office photo of me at Mohesu, working on a laptop.
Working from home in corona times.
Full home office setup with two monitors and a laptop. Me & my son enjoying the new year.

Some of my projects and plugins I've built. Let's build your next project together! πŸš€

Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists
Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists

A universal platform for the Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists, In the year 1944, the Anaesthesiologists attending a surgical conference in Mumbai (Bombay) thought of forming a common platform for the exchange of scientific views, which was consolidated in 1946 following β€œEther Day” celebrations in October of that year. With the continued efforts of leading Anaesthesiologists of India, the Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists was born on 30th December 1947. Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists


A Hotel Booking App for the modern traveller. Roomist is a hotel booking app that allows you to book hotels in India and abroad. It is a one-stop solution for all your hotel booking needs. Hotel also use Roomist to manage their bookings and inventory, and to provide a better experience to their guests.


Goshu is a leading manufacturer of high-performance, high-quality, high-value-added products for the global automotive industry.

Number Wala Bhai
Number Wala Bhai

Number Wala Bhai provides the best and most unique VIP numbers. All types of numbers are available at affordable prices for personal use and business. Number Wala Bhai feels delighted to say that in these 10 years, we have provided our services to more than 1 lakh customers across the country and still counting. All of our Number wala bhai are roaming free and portability enabled in any state of India.

Clouds Services
Clouds Services

At Mohesu, we offer a wide range of server services to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Our services include both managed and unmanaged options, as well as support for both Windows and Linux servers. Whether you're looking to outsource your server management, or simply need a reliable hosting solution, we have the expertise and resources to help.\nOur server services are also available worldwide, so no matter where your business is located, you can trust Mohesu to provide the support and solutions you need to keep your online presence running smoothly.

Map location picker
Map location picker

Map location picker is a flutter package that allows you to pick a location on a map and get the latitude and longitude of the selected location with the address.

AI Barcode Scanner
AI Barcode Scanner

AI Barcode Scanner is a flutter package that allows you to scan QR & Bar codes based on MLKit. Uses CameraX on Android, AVFoundation on iOS and Apple Vision & AVFoundation on macOS.

Flutter Animated Login
Flutter Animated Login

A Flutter package to create a beautiful animated login screen with phone/email OTP, password, and social login options. It also includes a phone number with a country code picker.

Let's Connect

I am presently exploring new opportunities, and my inbox is perpetually πŸ“¬ accessible. Whether you have inquiries or simply wish to extend a greeting, I will endeavor to respond promptly! πŸš€